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Jansen, Robbie (South Africa)  
Robbie with The Sons Of Table Mountain.  
© Eugene Arries

ROBBIE Jansen continues to develop his interpretation of Cape Jazz: a fusion of musical influences ranging from traditional Cape Malay goema and African rhythms to funk and salsa.

In 2001, Robbie Jansen & the Sons of Table Mountain released the album The Cape Doctor (MOU 7516).

Having recently celebrated 30 years in the music business, Robbie Jansen is one of the Cape's most accomplished musicians. An alto saxophone and flute virtuoso, he is also a respected composer and arranger, and at the forefront of what over the last few years has become internationally known as Cape Jazz.

Robbie Jansen's contribution to the recordings and live performances of numerous South African acts is well known. Beginning in the mid-1970's with Pacific Express and Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim), he later moved in with the more contemporary jazz of Spirits Rejoice.

In the early 1980's, Robbie moved back to Cape Town to join Workforce which also featured jazz greats Duke Makasi (tenor) and Stompie Manana (trumpet). Throughout the turbulent period 1985 - 1990, Robbie worked tirelessly with old partner Basil "Manenberg" Coetzee and Sabenza, performing at various grassroots political and cultural events across the country, cementing the central role of culture in the anti-apartheid struggle. This collaboration culminated in the recording of "Sabenza" (MOULP 52) in 1988.

Saxophone, vocals, bandleader, flute
Genre: jazz, African Jazz, klopse / goema
Robbie Jansen © S.Gordon 2005

In 1989, Jansen released his debut solo album "Vastrap Island"* (ZSEK 101), which was also released in Germany (EWM) and the UK (Kijima). The album illustrates the strength Jansen draws from his history. The combination of his playing and the arrangements of his original material conjures up images of events that took place from the earliest meeting of European invaders and the Khoisan on the shores of Table Bay. * The Vastrap or Hop Dance comes from the Khoi, who were admired for their singing, dancing and flute playing on reeds tuned to different pitches. It is thought that the dancing of the Vastrap after bartering goods was an expression of (initial) satisfaction with the trade.

Robbie Jansen © S.Gordon 2005

Contact Details:

Christian Syren
Making Music Productions
Cape Town 8001
South Africa
Making Music Artist Agency
+27 21 439 7222(tel)
+27 21 439 8002(fax)
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