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Sukuma, Stewart (Banda Nkhuvu) (Mozambique)  
Stewart SUKUMA
Beginnings and Education:
Born in Cuamba, a small village in the Mozambican state of Niassa, Sukuma was given his first guitar at a charity event when he was a mere young boy. This sparked an instant affinity with the instrument. In 1997, just five years after the 17-year Mozambican civil war had ended, Stewart recorded his first album, Afrikiti, which inspired and paved the way for many other Mozambican artists within the then war-torn country.

In 1998, Stewart studied at Berklee College of Music, in Boston, Massachusetts. There he learned to read music and the complexities in harmony and arrangement. This formal training complemented and confirmed his home taught musical skills.

Africa Scholars Program: “Berklee has recruited a team of world-renowned artists and music professionals to advise us and to get the word out about this program. The board members are: Mulatu Astake, Richard Bona, Darius Brubeck, Angelique Kidjo, Bakithi Kumalo, Lionel Loueke, Leni Stern, Stewart Sukuma, and Eric Wainaina. With the help of our advisors, we aim to make this program open to as many talented musicians as possible.”

Sukuma combines traditional and contemporary Mozambican music and instrumentation to create energetic, danceable music with an Afro/Pop/Jazz sound.

The melodies performed are a reflection of the varied forms of ancestral influences that inhabit his country and today’s reference points in the Mozambican culture. The Islamic influence in the north of Mozambique, frequently visited in the past by the Arabians and the inevitable inheritance of the Portuguese spread throughout the entire country, and are an undeniable part of that rich cultural heritage.

vocals, guitar
Genre: African, traditional / indigenous
During the past several years, Sukuma has been touring extensively in Europe and Latin America, performing in Festivals such as Lent Festival in Slovenia, Uferlos and Kasumama Festival in Austria, Festival der Kulturen in Germany, Tom de Festa and World Music Festival in Portugal and in Brazil he lent his perfomance to the prestigious Itau Cultural and Auditorio de Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo. In South Africa, he was part of the prestigeous Cape Town International Jazz Festival; in Luanda, Angola, the International Jazz Festival; in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde the Baia das Gatas festival, and in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, the SELAM Festival.

As well as performing various solo tours in Europe, Africa, and the United States, Sukuma has shared the stage with music legends such as Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, and Abdullah Ibrahim. As a founding member of the Mozambican Musicians' Association, Sukuma has been deeply involved in the promotion of Mozambican music abroad and in bringing international musicians, such as, Eric Clapton and Gilberto Gil, to his native country.

Social Projects:
Sukuma links music and social outreach, working in conjunction with the National Campaign against AIDS, the National Election Commission, UNICEF, and other aid organizations to increase awareness about issues of health, domestic violence and human rights.

He played an important role in the mobilization of personal responsibility in the development of a popular culture of democracy in Mozambique, advocating both the right and responsibility of exercising one’s vote. “Your vote makes Mozambique happy” is a song widely circulated and sung by various national interpreters who assisted in the struggle for democracy. Singing and mobilizing the entire country, he became a well-known advocate of national democracy.

In 1995 Stewart Sukuma was the first Mozambican musician to become an activist in the fight against HIV / AIDS, joining personalities from all sectors of society in a national campaign to combat the disease. More recently, he was joined by internationally renowned actors in a campaign designed by him, entitled “30 seconds to save a life”. Artists like Jamie Fox, Jon Voight, Jeffrey Wright, Mikelty Williamson, Charles Shufford lent their services in support of this campaign which was broadcast on television in Mozambique for a year through the National Council for HIV/AIDS.

In 2004, he co-founded Sem Crítica, a movement dedicated to empowering the youth by encouraging the use of their artistic skills and talents. Stewart Sukuma also supports the Casa do Gaiato through Academia do Bacalhau, which sponsoring one student permanently as well as two scholarships to children of between 12 and 14 years old on an annual basis.

Stewart Sukuma was appointed the first National goodwill ambassador for UNICEF Mozambique, due to his commitment to the children’s cause on December 14th 2012.

Sukuma launched his album “Nkhuvu”, meaning “celebration”, in November 2007 featuring great musicians like Lokua Kanza, Jimmy Dludlu, Bonga, Artur Maia and Elizah, just to mention a few. In this album, Sukuma sings in Portuguese, English, Shitswa, Ekoti, Shangana, Gitonga, Ciyao and Shimakonde, the most languages ever represented in one single Mozambican album. Drawing on Bantu-based languages from various parts of Mozambique, Angola, and Guinea-Bissau, Sukuma captures the voice of Luso-Africa. Stewart Sukuma is currently in the studio recording his new CD.

Band and Performances:
Today, Stewart Sukuma performs with Banda Nkhuvu – a 8 piece Afro Pop and Jazz Band.

Press Award//Ngoma Mocambique 1992 - Josefina
Popular Song of the Year/Ngoma Mocambique 1994 - Julieta
Best Song of the Year/Ngoma Mocambique 1996 - Afrikiti
Popular Song of the Year//Ngoma Mocambique 2008
Popular Song of the Year/Ngoma Moçambique 2010
MOAMAS Best Alternative Song of the Year 2010
Mozart Award/UNESCO/Best Musician 1997
Cultural Personality of the Year 2008/Jornal Noticias
Best Male Music Video/Channel O Music Video Awards 2005 ( Nomination )

Contact Details:

For more information on Sukuma and his music, please go to: - (under construction).

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