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Zoid, Karen (South Africa)  

Karen Zoid has become an important part of the South African music scene. Since releasing her first solo album, Poles Apart (2002), which fired the imagination of both critics and the public to such an extent that Karen Zoid became an icon in the South- African market, which the press renamed the ‘Zoid Generation’.

As a performing artist she has held onto an enviable integrity that allows her to speak her mind in a way that only earns her more devotees and proved no barrier to being named Best Female Artist at the 2008 South African Music Awards.

Zoid's super-charged rock energy is an ability to write gorgeous, delicately rendered songs that speak of the emotional vortex that drives this exceptional artist to keep creating. 'Ultimate Zoid', her latest album shows that Karen Zoid is South Africa's premier female rock artist, full stop. She has shared the staged with international acts like John Mayer, Annie Lennox, Metallica, Simple Plan , Hothouse Flowers and Seal.

Over a career that has last nine years now, Zoid has earned various accolades (including gold album sales) but she says that what continues to drive her is a deep-seated desire to create music that she can get up on stage and play live. "When I was in that all-girl punk band, or busking or when I am playing to a huge crowd , the feeling I get from delivering my music is still the same - and that's why I do this. All the stuff that goes around making an album - the promo, the interviews, making videos, the artwork... that's work. Playing live? That's what I love."

guitar, vocals
Genre: rock

2002 saw the release of her first solo album Poles Apart. In 2004 both Time Magazine and US News & World Report highlighted her role as an icon. In June 2003 EMI released her second critically acclaimed album, Chasing the Sun. Both Poles Apart and Chasing the Sun have been accorded Gold Record status. In July 2005 her third album, Media, was released by EMI.

That her most recent releases (Postmodern World & Ultimate Zoid) supports the assertion that these are landmark albums for one of the South Africa's most adored performers: the recording is a world-class showcase for Zoid's breadth of gifts, providing a platform for her beautifully resonant voice and virtually peerless songwriting.

Her work as a singer-songwriter has been included on many albums of other artists as well as compilations. She has written songs for several artists in South Africa, recorded by them as well as the theme for a TV series. Karen regularly tours to England, Dubai, Canada or the United States to perform for her fans overseas.

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