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Baxter, Tasha (South Africa)  
Tasha Baxter

After several years of carving a niche as one of South Africa’s most accomplished songwriters, vocalists and DJs, Tasha Baxter, has finally stepped out from behind-the-scenes, onto the solo stage.

And - as those in the industry who hold her in high regard always predicted - it hasn’t taken Baxter long to make an impression on the South African music scene.

Her debut album has bore the hits, ‘Who’s Sorry Now’, ‘The Journey’, ‘Useless’ and ‘Fade To Black’, which was one of the most played songs in 2007/2008.

Genre: fusion
The cherry on top has recently come with having been nominated for 4 top SA music award nominations and taking home 2 SAMA’s for best Newcomer and best Pop. This was followed by winning SA’s hottest artists at the Crystal Awards and 2 nominations for best newcomer and hottest SA artist as the You Spectacular.

Tasha’s live shows are so damn pop-perfect that it took a while convincing people she is local. But once they discover she’s homegrown, Baxter’s indie pop, electronica-tinged music has rapidly become a firm favourite with fans based in the country, as the growing demand for live performances testifies to.

Nowadays, Tasha Baxter is, in fact, the moniker of both Baxter and Scheepers, who augment their vocals (Baxter) and keyboards (Scheepers) during live shows with a drummer and bassist.

Listening to Tasha Baxter and one thing is clear - Baxter and Scheeper’s is a wide-ranging musical hand that’s skilled at bringing in pop, drum ‘n bass (still a love of Baxter’s), Spanish and electronica at precisely the right moment – never overshadowing the songs. But for all its sonic sprinklings, at its core, this is a pop band.

It’s not easy to create a sound that moves through a wide-ranging terrain yet retains a sense of coherency, but Tasha Baxter has been able to do just that on ‘Colour Of Me’ and in her live performances Central to this is Baxter’s winning voice. As a result Tasha Baxter is as at home on a pop stage as in the depths of a dance club or cascading out of a radio.

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Colour Of me

Tasha Baxter - Colour Of Me

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