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Twala, Chicco (South Africa)  
Chicco Twala

AFTER almost two decades in the music industry Chicco Twala has become something of an icon among his peers and throngs of fans alike. The irrepressible man of song is back to haunt the charts with his latest album titled “MAMATILDA"

After being away from the scene for almost two years experimenting with different sounds, the man is back with some work that’s destined to haunt the charts. Not surprisingly, though, as Chicco's name has over the years become synonymous with hits.

His absence from the scene, however, does not mean that he has been basking on the success of his previous works. On the contrary, he has been quite busy. Last year he produced Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s successful “Bombani" worked with Lebo M on the latter’s debut solo album “Deeper Meaning" Some of his songs have been selected by Walt Disney in America to be featured on “Lion King II" He has produced a full album for the legendary Dorothy Masuka titled "Mama Gumede".

Genre: mbaqanga
As if that is not enough, Chicco has just finished working on Brenda Fassie's forthcoming album. It will be remembered that it was Chicco who catapulated Fassie back to stardom with "Too late for Mama" in the mid 80’s. This is indeed something to look forward to.

He says about his “absence" from the scene: “I haven’t been very active as far as pop music is concerned. However, I haven’t been working with various people and my recent work has been the production of ZCC’s album “Kalefo Laka" which is on the top sellers currently"

Other artists he has worked with in the recent past include New Age, Abobabes, Sharon Dee and Dee Queen.

As always time has been of the essence to this great musician-producer. With all other distractions out of the way it was time that he turned his creative spirits to his own album, a roller coaster of various music influences and styles from the continent mixed with the distinct South African sound.

“When I’m in the studio I like to create melodies that are easy for people to sing along and when I create a style for an artist I make it a point that the artist can be identifiable by that particular style. For instance when I was approached by the National Peace Accord to do the “Peace Song" they asked me to create a something that people can song along to. It wasn’t easy as I was working with different artist at the same time but the song worked"

“When I think of doing something I set my mind to it and do it," he says when asked how he does he manage all this. “At this point in time I’m working on something not for far away from what I’m doing now. I’m joining the film industry."

“We are not telling our stories in this country especially African comedy, things that would make blacks in South Africa laugh. I’ll be concentrating on this area for some time. Our main aim with this project is to make sure that black people can go to a video shop and hire an African comedy cassette. We do have our own Mr Beans, only they need to be exposed."

Ever so attached with grooming grassroots talent Chicco has now established studios in Soweto. “I’m putting up these studios with the objective of developing young talent in the townships. I want to unearth not only musicians but sound engineers as well from the township. I like working with kids. They contributed so much to what I am today and that is why I am so attached to them. Two of these studios are already up and running in Diepkloof."

The Musician-producer has worked with so many musicians on various projects and yet his style remains distinct and undiluted by other influences. And with all his other business interest it is amazing, if not breathtaking, that he still manages to do so much for the music industry. It is in fact, difficult to imagine a more hardworking and versatile musician than Chicco.

Although his throngs of fans have been yearning for, is to see their idol performing live it is unfortunate that this gifted son of the soil has no plans to do so. At least not in the foreseeable future. “I don’t even think of performing live. I’ve never enjoyed the stage because I’m a very shy person. When I did it I was forcing myself. I wish I could do it but unfortunately I’m not comfortable with it," he says.

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