Mike-T-Frank (South Africa)  
Frank, Mike & Titi - June 2003

MIKE,Titi and Frank are fresh young voices from Cape Town's townships, combining gruff rough ragga-voicing with the sweetest melodies and harmonies. Material ranges from reggae, through r 'n b, and African, and the dance repertoire is always interspersed with acapella segments, showcasing tight harmonies.

The original members were Franki, alias, Bongani Hewu and Mike, alias Thobela Mayeki, who hail from New Crossroads and Nyanga respectively.

Genre: mbaqanga, reggae

Mike and Frank performed at social functions, mainly in Nyanga East, New Crossroads and other townships, whilst working developing musical backing together with Making Music Productions. The guys are often joined by Ruth Titi Tsira, as a featured additional voice.

Major performances to date include Freedom Day celebrations on the Grand Parade, performances at Parliament, for the launch of the Education Departmentís Curriculum 2005, the Global March Against Child Labour, Two Nations Celebrate (Joburg), and at the official Millennium People's Concert in the Union Building Gardens, Pretoria. During March 2000, they performed on the Youth Against Aids show, hosted by Bush Radio and Radio netherlands. Several of these performances have been televised and broadcast.

They have participated in several collaborative projects, most significantly the Artists in Residence programme at Robben Island, where they collaborated with the members of hip hop group Black Noise as part of the workshop hosted by Streetlaw, producing the song "Nobody Knows the Hell We've Been Through". In November 1999, they engaged in song-writing and recording with young artists from Senegal, Mali and France, in the Ateliers Croises music exchange, hosted by MMP Re-connection and Africa Fete.

The group have an extensive repertoire, and have completed extensive studio work. Mike and Frank write their own material, and are assisted by programmer Patrick "Caramel" Hickey. The debut MTF album, "Game of Love", is scheduled for release late in 2002.


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Game Of Love

Game Of Love

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