TheCITY (South Africa)  
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TheCITY are a Cape Town based urban-electro group, who bring acoustic-rooted music skills into the realm of electronica.
The band has four members: Clement Carr on keys and synths, Bonj Mpanza on lead vocals and percussion, Ryan McArthur on bass and Ruby Crowie on drums and samples. As individuals, members of TheCITY have done time in groups ranging from Cape Town ska icons The Rudimentals, through to mbaqanaga popster Blondie Makhene, the CT Jazz Orchestra of Abdullah Ibrahim, Trenton & The Radicals, Goodluck and Jack Parrow.

Genre: electronica
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“TheCITY is an evolving musical statement between an unlikely group of musicians. We take the common musical language of our generation – pop, hip-hop and electronica – and tell a different story with it. A story that tells where we're from and what we've been through. Sometimes the story includes Zulu lyrics, cowbells or an extraordinary event... but whatever the case may be, we proudly embrace it and create our own, authentic interpretation through our music. This, along with our firm belief in bringing the audience a stellar live show on every occasion is what we’re all about.

We’ve been close friends for many years, playing together in various other bands, but never in our own. Around 2010, we finally decided to turn our original ideas into something tangible we can all enjoy. “

The group have performed at Cape Town venues and events including Julep, Synergy Live 2012, MCQP 2012, and SA Music Exchange 2013.

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