Moleshe, Sakhile (Soul Housing Project) (South Africa)  
Sakhile Moleshe onstage with Goldfish at CT International Jazz Fest © S.Gordon

FROM Alice in the Eastern Cape, via Grahamstown to Ekapa, vocalist Sakhile Moleshe graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Cape Town before hitting the road.

As a lead vocalist for the acclaimed electro-jazz outfit Goldfish, his most notable contributions to the band were milestones such as being invited to participate as a headline act at the Vrij Festival in Amsterdam Olympic stadium, cracking a top 10 on the US iTunes Dance charts with the single Fort Knox, and a residency at Pacha Ibiza with David Guetta.

With sold-out shows from London to Miami to Sao Paolo, Goldfish garnered a record breaking 8 South African Music Award nominations, to list but a few of the accolades.

vocals, piano
Genre: African, electronica, hip hop, African Jazz
His formal education now complemented through an intensive five year stint of international touring with the duo Goldfish, Moleshe has emerged as a performing artist in his own right, working in forms which span from dancefloor genres such as electronica and hip hop, through to the voice and harmonies of African jazz.

The relationship between performer and audience is key to Moleshe. “Of utmost importance in the way in which I as an Artist choose to approach my craft, is the notion of, an eternal search for the purest form of a perfect love between those giving and receiving the music”, he says.

Sakhile Moleshe is a composer, vocal scientist, poet and pianist who, drawing on his wealth of experience, having performed at some of the worlds most renowned music festivals, clubs, bars, auditoriums and theatres, seeks to create an aura of grandeur for both listeners & fellow creators. He sees his music as a platform for all to depart from in their attempt to acknowledge and inspire each other through the art of mutual listenership.

He is a co-founder and co-bandleader of the Soul Housing Project.


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