Young Bakuba (Dem Rep of Congo (Zaire))  
Young Bakuba
INSPIRED by the group Empire Bakuba, which ruled Zaire's music scene in the 1960's, Young Bakuba have brought Kinshasha's sound to Cape Town.

Having struggled together for eight years, the group recorded their debut album at Cape Town's Vibration Studios. During 2004, they provided music and on camera performances for the Nicolas Cage-produced Hollywood feature film, Lord of Wars. The film will go on circuit during 2005.

Comprising expatriots from the Congo (DRC), the Young Bakuba band was originally founded by Director Wankebulua Domingos. Established in 1993 in Namibia, members spent the 1990's in Angola, before relocating to South Africa. The core instruments include kit drums, bass, keyboards, guitars, congo percussion, and of course voice. On certain occassions, they include dancers in their stage show.

Various members of the current band had the privilege of being aqcuainted with the acclaimed singer Pepe Kalle of Empire Bakuba . Thus the voices are especially influenced by Congolese choirs. That which they heard, and his legend now lives through the band members.

Genre: African
Through their many gigs in South Africa, they have played with well known names in the music industry. Jimmy Dludlu and Hugh Masekela are just two of the acts that Young Bakuba have been privileged to share a stage with.

Tourists from all over have appreciated their style of music as well as their presence on the stage. A band that is made entirely of refugees has made a name for themselves despite their status.

Young Bakuba on stage at Manenberg's Jazz Cafe, © S.Gordon 2005
Weekly performances have included Marco's African Place, Manenbergs Jazz Cafe, and at Spier (Moyo) in Stellenbosch. In March 2005, they performed at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival

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Mohamed Fall 082 967 3072
Vibrations Studio
Tel +27 (21) 461 2385 & fax 462 6477

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