Nine (South Africa)  

NINE formed in Athlone, Cape Town in June 1992 and played their first gig six months later at The Stage in Cape Town.

In keeping with their experimental edge and desire to fuse different musical forms, the name Nine is not intended to have any specific connotations. It can mean anything and nothing, and reflects the bands' intention of breaking down barriers between different cultural and musical paradigms.

After five years rising through the South African musical underground, the four piece of Farrell Adams (vocals), James Reynard (guitar), Grenville Williams (bass guitar) and Jerome Reynard(drums) now find themselves enjoying critical acclaim on the back of their two contributions to the Oppikoppi Live CD (the only band to have more than one song included).

The launch and release of their second CD, Entropy, is imminent and the band are gearing up for 1998 that should see their eclectic fusion of diverse musical forms moving into the spotlight.

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Genre: rock, soul, reggae

The band's wide range of influences take in everything from rock, funk and hip hop to drum 'n bass, jazz and reggae, their constant shifting of boundaries means Nine are a band who defy convenient categorisation.

Despite their fiercely independent outlook and underground status, Nine have developed a sizable following at concerts like Oppikoppie, Rustler's Valley, Wingerdstock and Up The Creek.

The band also proved to be a major hit at the 5FM Birthday Bash in 1996 and recieved widespread praise on their nationwide Benson & Hedges Bandslam Tour in 1996 along with the Springbok Nude Girls, Squeal, Lithium and Sugardrive.

Nine's song, "Last Tear", was also included on the "My Generation" compilation CD of South African bands along with Squeal, Springbok Nude Girls, Lithium and others and limited copies of their ephonymously-titled debut CD are still available. Their new CD, Entropy, is an independently produced album that contains studio versions of live favourites such as Talk Too Much, Wanton Panorama and Ground as well as cutting-edge new songs like Revolution, Chemistry, Episode and others.

February 1998
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